Our Commitments

Securing the confidentiality and the protection of your documents
Your documents are subjected to a specific contract when a translator or proofreader (Checker) takes charge of them. Their content is not saved in our databases. The files are permanently removed from our databases as soon as their processing is validated.
Respecting and preserving the privacy of your data
The data which you transmit us, as well as your documents are not and will never be, for whatever reason, and under any circumstances, shared with any third parties and used to other ends than those which you have authorized.
Connecting you with the best translators and proofreaders
We are committed to doing our utmost to facilitate your contact with the best translation and proofreading experts around the world.
Connecting you with reliable translators and proofreaders
We verify all information relating to the skills, experience and expertise of our members translators and proofreaders (Checkers). Only validated profiles will be suggested to you for handling your documents.
Reacting quickly to your remarks, critical comments and questions
We want to offer you the best possible experience of our services. We are committed to providing you with personalized support and to respond within 24 hours to all your requests.
Accompanying you closely to resolve disputes
We take to heart the settlement of the disputes which may occur between members of our community. We commit to accompanying all our users closely, and in the interest of the community, from the report of a dispute to its complete settlement.