The benefits of being a Validated Checker on seekNcheck

The visibility of your profile on the platform

We want to suggest to our client members (Seekers) translators and proofreaders (Checkers) whose identity, experience and expertise we are confident in and Checkers who have accepted our Non Disclosure Agreements for the documents they handle. Our algorithms take into account all the verification parameters of your profile (lean more about our validation process) and thus increase its visibility when you complete the process.

Your profile alignment by our algorithms

We make it a point of honour to highlight the profiles of translators and proofreaders (Checkers) that have fully validated their information. When you complete the validation process, your profile will always be suggested as a priority by our algorithms against Checkers whose profile is only partially validated.

Build Seekers trust and condidence

Seekers are first and foremost looking for trusted translators and proofreaders (Checkers) with the relevant skills to handle their documents. We respond to this demand by presenting them with the best possible profiles, but the choice is theirs. Your profile is more trusted when your identity, experience and expertise have been fully verified and you have accepted seekNcheck's confidentiality agreements.

The ability to generate invitation codes

Registering with an invitation code does not exempt you from the verifications we perform but facilitates and speeds up the process. You have our full confidence when you have completed the validation of your profile. We demonstrate this by allowing you to use our invitation code generator to benefit your contacts who can also register as Checkers.

A privileged contact with the seekNcheck team

We make it a point of honour to be attentive and available at all times to all our members. However, by checking your profile, we also get to know you better. We can, therefore, personalize the relationship we have with you and reserve you a privileged contact with our team.

Valuing your experience on the platform

We work to ensure a constructive experience for our members on seekNcheck. Each service you provide on the platform is valued and highlighted on your profile. The experience thus built increases the strength of your profile gradually. The sooner your profile is validated, the sooner you will benefit from this valuation.